Food that brings people together

At Thali, our guests are our family, so we hope you feel at home


Marcona almonds
Marinated olives
Pickled vegetable
Bread with jam or evoo

Shareable Hot Side


Aromatic spiced rice

Batata hara

Potatoes, chili, curry

Cheese spaetzle

Onion, bacon,  gruyere

Shareable Cold Side


Bulgur, herbs, lemon

German potato salad

Vinegar, herbs, bacon

Aloo gobi

Curried cauliflower

Charcuterie boards

Each Served with House made Bread & Accoutrements



Goat, soft

Green hill

Cow, soft-ripened, double cream


Sheep, 6 month firm

Thomasville tomme

Farmhouse table cheese, semi-soft


Pasteurized cow’s milk



Classic italian marinated dry aged thin sliced beef

Southern smash

Pork salami medium-hard


Course grind italian classic salami


Old world pork salami, fennel

Spanish salchichon

Paprika, sherry, pecan wood smoked

Hot Meze

Beef roulade

Red wine gravy, seasoned crème fraiche

Reshmi kebab

Creamy grilled chicken, coriander mint chutney

Kuzu koeftesi

Minced seasoned lamb, cacik, charred lemon

Potato dumplings

Red wine gravy, buttered bread crumbs

Sigara boerek

Ground beef, feta, cacik, pepper tomato dip

Malai kofta

Crisp potatoes, paneer, spiced curry stew

Lamb Slider (2)

Cucumber salad, harissa, cacik, thali fries


Beef and Pork Meatballs, smokey tomato sauce

Zucchini Cakes

Cacik, Pepper-Tomato Picante Sauce

Cold Meze


Marinated eggplant, tahini, cilantro

Smoked trout dip

Herbs, capers, croutons

Steak tartare

Onions, mustard, eggyolk

Mercimek koeftesi

Lentil, bulgur, cacik, lettuce

Watermelon Salad

Hearts of palm, olives, cucumber

Salmon Curado

Vegetable Cured Salmon, Blini, Chive

Deviled Eggs

Pickled and Smoked, Bacon, Pickle

Chocolate for Wine

Swiss bar

75% dark

Swiss bar

65% dark gold flakes

Swiss bar

36% caramel milk


Sticky toffee pudding

Toffee sauce, green cardamon ice cream

Gulab jamun

Semolina fritter, spiced simple syrup

Rice pudding

Seasonal fruit compote